101 Things That Make Me Happy

On my Bucket List is the task of identifying 101 things that make me happy.  If you Google ‘101 Things That Make Me Happy’, you’ll find it’s actually a pretty common thing to do (even more so than Bucket Lists maybe?), and I think it’s a fantastic idea.  Surprisingly, it’s actually hard work for some people to create a list like this.  While I’m sure it’d be easy to spout off things quickly like puppies and rainbows, I want to make sure my list is MY list and truly reflects me.  It will take some thought and time, and might require some explaining (for example, no one knows what a ‘Kitty Hug’ is except me, my husband and my cat).   I think a Bucket List AND a Happiness List should always be a dynamic project and offer flexible opportunities for growth and change.  This is obviously a list in progress, and eventually you’ll find some more in depth explanations to some of them.  🙂  I encourage you to make YOUR list of 101 things that make YOU happy.  You’ll be happy you did (no pun intended).

  1. A Fresh Snowfall
  2. A Full Tank of Gas
  3. Free Stuff
  4. Kitty Hugs
  5. My Next Netflix Movie Arriving
  6. Pay Day
  7. Trying a new Recipe and it Turns out Awesome
  8. Freshly Baked Cookies
  9. Hugs From my Husband
  10. The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass
  11. A Good Haircut
  12. Discovering a Great Band I’ve Never Heard Before
  1. […] Home101 Things That Make Me HappyAbout Me & The ListBeen There, Done That […]

  2. […] Home101 Things That Make Me HappyAbout Me & The ListBeen There, Done That […]

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