Have My Photo in the Newspaper

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Been There, Done That

Did it.

When I was a kid, maybe 6 or so, I was in the local newspaper for a story featuring a Teddy Bear Picnic at the library.  The original photo has an old friend of mine in it too, but I cropped her out for privacy.  I don’t even remember her name now.  Maybe Jennifer something?   Not sure.  I still have this teddy bear though, and remember it always as ‘hey, isn’t that the bear that was in the newspaper with me?’.  Sure was.  I seem to recall also being in the newspaper as part of the high school volleyball team that won some regional championship, but I could be wrong.

There’s something neat about being in the newspaper.  It’s like you get your 15 minutes of fame, but you really don’t.  No one will remember except you, and your family, who keep the photos around for nearly 25 years to remember it by, or just because your mom thinks you’re cute in the pic.  That’s good enough for front page news for me.

if you go out in the woods today...

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