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Posted: August 25, 2010 in 100 Happies

cat not free

I LOVE finding out about ‘Free *** Day’ at such and such place.  I’m not a fiend about it though. You know, the type who searches for and enters every possible contest out there, or goes to every place in town to get free cake on their birthday (though I don’t disagree with that idea).  That said, I WILL go to 7-11 on July 11th for Free Slurpee Day, I thoroughly look forward to Free Comic Book Day every 1st Saturday in May, and I have been known to go to Harvey’s in Canada for Free Hamburger Day.  I’m also a fan of free movies, and am hoping to attend some free movies on the beach, starting tomorrow!

I’ve also been the lucky winner of a few free contests.  Most recently free paragliding lessons (no, really!), which I’m just waiting to get the money to pay for a second lesson so my husband and I can go together.  I also randomly won a free dance lesson several years ago, and have been winners on occasion of free ‘stuff’ draws, but nothing big (no free trip around the world yet… sigh).  I also wrote to the lovely office supply company Sharpie, back when I was in college.  My pencil case went missing (or was stolen?), so I lost all my supplies, and being a poor college student, I couldn’t afford to replace them (as a Theatre Production major, Sharpies were vital to my existence!).  Those wonderful people sent me a free sampler pack of various Sharpies!  I ♥ them!

I can’t get enough free stuff.  If it’s free I want it, regardless of its usefulness.  Free upgrade to anything?  Heck yeah!  Free toothbrush?  Gimme two please!  Free bread sticks with my meal?  New favourite restaurant!  Free mints at the end of the meal?  I’ll take a handful!

People may say nothing comes for free, but I disagree.  Well, except for things like the Special K free Workout DVD, where you have to send in five collected ‘stamps’ from specially marked cereal boxes and mail them in (oh no! cost of stamp!) and they’ll mail you a DVD.  Yes, I did do that.  Why do you ask?  I just happen to really like Special K cereal.  😐

Anyone know of any other great ‘free stuff’ giveaways?  Not SCAMS.  Not things I have to give personal information for.  Just legitimate free stuff.  Not STOLEN stuff, not ‘give away all your secrets and sell your personal information for it’ stuff.  Just things that are meant to be FREE.  It’s out there my friends.  It’s out there…

Getting free stuff makes me happy.  Check out some other things that make me happy!


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