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Posted: September 9, 2010 in The List

I had a look at my bucket list today.  There aren’t many things on there that I feel as though I can accomplish right now.  It’s all things that are ‘to do later’, which I don’t like.  This month I’m participating in a ‘Live A Better Life in 30 Days‘ Challenge.  It’s quite intensive, which is great, but it’s causing a lot of inward reflection, even more so than I already did.  In a positive, forward-moving way though.  Thus, I’ll be reevaluating my Bucket List to ensure it includes things I can achieve, and really want to achieve.

In the mean time, part of this challenge was to create an ‘action plan’ for the month of September, to help us complete some projects we need to work on.  I’ve decided I want to pick 2 items (which turned into 3 items, possibly 4 items) on my bucket list and make them happen this month.  I haven’t chosen ones that are huge, life-changing items, but I will get them done nonetheless.  Here’s what I’ve chosen.

Create a time capsule before I’m 30, to be opened when I’m 40

Well geez, I’m 30 in barely over a month, so I need to get going on this.  I considered making this capsule a geocache, but I don’t really want to have other people tampering with it.  I’ve not decided if this is going to be something I keep around with me for the next 10 years, or bury some place and dig up later (after marking it’s GPS coordinates, of course… I’m not a squirrel!).  I expect a lot of thought, research and writing to go into this.  Oh dear, maybe this is a huge item.

Send a Message In a Bottle

Littering…  I know.  For shame.  But, I think this could be a really interesting thing to do.  Doing it on my 30th birthday, and considering I live in a beach town, it seems a perfect opportunity.  What to say, what to say….. that’s the trick.  Also, to pick the perfect bottle.  hmm…

Write a letter to my future child(ren)

Yes, more writing.  I know that writing things will be ‘easier’ than trying to obtain the big items on the list (easier financially, at least).  Right now I just need some motivation, so I chose items that I know I could complete.  Yes, I’m taking the easy way.  Sort of.  I thought this would be an ‘easy’ task, but, I can’t imagine that envisioning my future children’s lives is ‘easy’.  I don’t know what they’ll be like, how many there will be, where we’ll live, what their names are, what I REALLY want them to know about ‘life’.  No, this one will not be an easy task after all.

BONUS, if I have time: Tell close family of my funeral/burial wishes

Specifically my husband needs to know this.  We talk about it sometimes, but he doesn’t want to consider the idea that I could die before him.  lol  But, you really never know what will happen in life, and despite all this ‘into the future’ planning that I am going to have this month, I also need to plan for no future.  I was recently in a car accident for the first time (and hopefully last, let’s be honest), and while it was relatively minor with some significant  but repairable car damage and no personal injury, it still shakes things up a little.  If that accident had been worse, much worse, I wouldn’t want my husband to have to worry about what I would’ve wanted.  He’ll have enough to worry about.

Well that was certainly ended on a high note…  😐

So there.  Stay tuned for updates on some of these Bucket List tasks.  I can’t believe some progress is going to be made!!!  I’m nervous…  lol


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