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Yes, I have done this.  Unfortunately, I have no photographic proof, it did not require any particular skill or talent, and my name is not personally in the book.  However, I still took part in an event that was recorded in ‘THE Book’.  Back in the year 2000 (wow, was it really so long??) I went to “The Big Kiss’, which was an orchestrated arrangement of ‘Most People Kissing Simultaneously’.  No, really.  You can find references to it online by clicking here, here and here.   It was the one in Sarnia, Ontario.  From what I recall, I was there with a now-ex-boyfriend.  lol  Too funny.  I believe I have (or ‘had’ at least) a copy of that particular Guinness book as well.

I am happy that I can cross that off a list of ‘to do’s and don’t have to attempt any ridiculous feat in order to get my name in there.

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